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Fayee Tank - Brandy Melville Eu

Super soft long fit cotton tank in forest green with a square-cut neck and lace trimming....

5.00 EUR

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Marisa Tank - Brandy Melville Eu
Fabrics: 100% cottonmeasurements: 40 cm length, 30 cm bustmade in: italy

17.00 EUR

Sheena Tank - Brandy Melville Eu
Comfy scoop neck ribbed tank top in grey with a raw edge hem.

14.00 EUR

Ronda Tank - Brandy Melville Eu
Soft and stretch cotton tank in white with a scoopneck, a cropped fit with lace detailing on the straps and the hem.

19.00 EUR

Richie Tank - Brandy Melville Eu
Fitted ribbed cotton tank top in heather gray with v-notch neck detailing.

19.00 EUR

Faye Tank - Brandy Melville Eu
Super soft ribbed tank in black with a square-cut neck, scalloped trimming, and a cropped fit

17.00 EUR

Skylar Tank - Brandy Melville Eu
Fitted cropped spaghetti strap tank top in white with red and green flowers, lace trimmings and a bow.

19.00 EUR