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Palo Santo

Warm caramel, sweet tonka bean and vetiver fuse with the intensity of palo santo creating a fragrance that calms the soul. the perfume family: woody, oriental, gourmand top notes: davana, rum, caramel heart notes: warm milk, guaiacwood, tonka bean...

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Palo Santo
Founded in 1997, europefumes’ mission is to vet and source the best, hardest to find niche brands from europe and from all over the world.

120.00 USD

Palo Santo
Eclectic and global home goods for the modern bohemian.

8.00 USD

Palo Santo
Palo santo, bursera graveolens wood origin: ecuador  nature: restorative, balancing, relaxing  aids in: cleansing bad energies, spiritual grounding, meditation. all extract essential oils contain only 100% pure essential oil.

25.95 USD

Palo Santo
Each jar contains 3-5 palo santo sticks depending on their size.  sustainably harvested wood native to south america, palo santo has been used by shamans for centuries to clear negative energy, attract positive energy, and bring peace, balance, and good fortune to those that burn it. how to use: sim

12.00 USD

Palo Santo
Palo santo, bursar graveolens sustainably wild harvested, steam distilled, ecuador

20.00 USD

Palo Santo
100% pure palo santo (wild gathered) essential oil. latin: bursera graveolens part: wood (aged wood from fallen trees) origin: ecuador method: steam distillation class: monoterpene/ketone/ether renowned for its medicinal and spiritual applications, the use of palo santo, or holy wood, is b

45.00 USD