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1996 Margaux (12-pack Owc)

...undoubtedly one of the great classics produced under the mentzelopoulos regime. in many respects, it is the quintessential chateau margaux, as well as the paradigm for this estate, combining measured power, extraordinary elegance, and admirable complex...

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1990 Margaux (12-pack Owc) offers an extraordinary aromatic display of spring flowers, camphor, sweet red and black fruits, a hint of licorice, and no evidence of its 100% new oak cask aging. round and generous with low acidity, but an opulent, full-bodied richness that is fr

1,999.00 USD

1996 Leoville Poyferre (12-pack Owc)
This fabulous 1996 was tasted three times from bottle, and it is unquestionably the finest wine produced by this estate since their blockbuster 1990. medium to full-bodied, with a saturated black/purple color, the nose offers notes of cedar, jammy black f

185.00 USD

Chteau Margaux - Margaux 1996 (750ml)
Sleek and racy margaux. inky black in color, with intense aromas of wood-tinged blackberry, violet, cherry followed by mineral and berry flavors that unfold...

899.99 USD

1990 Latour (12-pack Owc)
This is one of my favorite wines ever. full-bodied, with layers of silky fruit and masses of currant, mineral and berry character. amazing. it's a wine with perfect structure, perfect strength. it's 1961 latour in modern clothes... wine spectator

1,375.00 USD

2000 Latour (12-pack Owc)
A young wine that electrifies every taste bud in your mouth. compacted aromas of crushed currants and minerals, with roses and lilacs. full-bodied, with masses of silky, refined tannins and a finish that lasts for minutes. stunning. best latour since 1990

1,315.00 USD

1990 Leoville Poyferre (12-pack Owc)
Absolutely spectacular, the 1990 leoville poyferre is much more evolved than either of its two leoville neighbors. its opaque plum/garnet color is accompanied by a gorgeous bouquet of smoke, charcoal, creme de cassis, and flowers. fleshy and opulent, it c

449.00 USD