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Bead Bundle In Gingerbread Hollow

Enter a world of gingerbread with this warm and toasty treat from the winter wonderland collection. this bundle features 1 bead strand, 1 2-tiered bead mix, and 1 tassel mix...

16.98 USD

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Tassel Mix In Gingerbread Hollow
These gingerbread themed tassels are perfect for adding a little neutral warmth to your next holiday design. this tassel mix includes 2 three-tiered swanky shag tassels, 2 floral rose tassels, 2 mini thread tassels, 4 green mini leather tassels, 4 cream white thread tassels, and 2 ombre toned thread

7.99 USD

Bead Bundle In Santa's Workshop
Everything you need to turn your bead workstation into santa's workshop! this bead bundle features 1 bead strand, 1 2-tiered bead mix, and 1 tassel mix.

16.98 USD - Save 22%

Custom Inro & Hollow Bead Form Handout
This is the original handout that was included with my custom inro & hollow bead form class on craftartedu. i'm releasing these to the public at a reduced cost until i can get the time and opportunity to review and edit them into a more comprehensive tutorial format that includes all the narration

10.50 USD - Save 30%

Gingerbread Embroidery Design Bundle
Gingerbread embroidery design full set for christmas. this embroidery design bundle includes 11 beautiful gingerbread embroidery and applique designs

19.80 USD

Our new seasonal flavor, available for the first time! enjoy the warm and spicy flavor of gingerbread, with organic ginger, cinnamon, pecans and cranberries. a holiday treat!

5.99 USD - Save 33%

Gingerbread Butter
Made with a unique combination of sweet and savory ingredients including three kinds of ginger, our gingerbread butter is a delicious, non-dairy pantry essential

3.99 USD - Save 49%