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Automate Your Niche WordPress Website Sales

Start now and receive a WordPress project hosted in our servers.
Customize it as your potential customers like, and start selling hosted copies right away.

Using a personal link, your customers are routed directly to payment for a hosted copy of your WordPress website.

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Set Your Own Prices

No limits to your earnings.
By default, you will earn 50% every month for all your hosting plan sales.
Domain sales are not part of our reseller program.

If you feel your niche WordPress website is worth more, just set your own hosting plan prices.
We still charge only 50% of our default pricing.

Example: You raise the beginner hosting plan price from $5 to $10.
Every month, we keep $2.50 per sale, and pay you $7.50.

Monthly Or Yearly Plans?
You decide! - If you want to sell 6, 12 or 24 months of hosting up front pre-installed with your niche WordPress website, just do it.
It's perfectly supported!

Monthly Payouts

Every month, we pay out your earnings via PayPal.

Full WordPress Access

For EU customers, servers are located in EU.

Full access to the database and FTP access to the source code.
Full backups to separate servers and free SSL certificates.
Pre-installed in our fast servers.
* Illegal content and non-relevant files are not allowed.


Why do i need to pay $5 to become a reseller?
We only want serious resellers. We do it to filter out those who are not serious. You are actually paying for the hosting of your WordPress project, as you prepare it for sale. When we have seen that you are serious, we will give you the hosting of your project for free and refund what you already paid.

How fast are your servers?
They are really fast. All servers are using "state of the art" hardware, SSD disks, multiple CPU's and are maintained by a highly professional team.

Where are servers located?
For EU customers, servers are located in Holland. The perfect spot with super fast connections to USA, Canada, United Kingdom and all of EU. Also, for EU customers, it's required to host a website within EU. At the time of writing, we will add servers outside of EU when we see more needs for it.

Full Support

Technical help is always near directly from our developer team.
WordPress software is backed by huge communities.

Choose Your Plan


10 GB Storage
Fast SSD Servers
SSL certificate
Normal support
No setup fees
1 month payment



25 GB Storage
Turbo SSD Servers
SSL certificate
Priority support
No setup fees
1 month payment



100 GB Storage
High-Speed SSD Servers
SSL certificate
Priority support
No setup fees
1 month payment


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